Seeking to Gain an Edge in Your Athletic Performance?

By: Steven D’Antonio
At Whole Family Healthcare, we can help athletes reach their peak physical goals without any caffeine for supplemental energy. Through nutrient testing, we can test for nutrient deficiencies in the body, and identify which deficiencies will not be able to recover over time to prevent injury and permanent damage. Once identified, we prepare an appropriate dosage for the athlete to consume. High dosages of vitamin C, when appropriate, can remove heavy metals from the body. These metals include lead, mercury, cadmium, tin, and aluminum. Once the metals are removed from the body, nitric oxide production improves, resulting in overall better arterial system health. Athletes treated with our nutrient system report higher levels of energy, endurance and ability. For sport injuries, we offer acupuncture, chiropractics, and massage therapy. Acupuncture helps the body restore its natural balance of energy, allowing it to heal itself in cases of arthritis, muscle pain, sprains, and more. Chiropractic medicine involves removing structural and postural imbalances to allow signals to travel through the spinal cord uninterrupted. This also helps the body heal itself in the case of a misalignment or injury. Our massage therapy can be utilized before, during, and after games or competitions. Massages prepare athletes for performance, drains fatigue, relieves swelling, reduces muscle tension, and promotes flexibility. Not only does it relieve injury pain, it also prevents injuries from occurring. The Whole Family Healthcare team works together as a collaborative unit to provide athletes with the care and treatment they need to succeed. From Orlando sports nutrition to injury relief, we strive to work with the body’s demands, reduce physical and mental stress, and help athletes meet their optimal level of performance. Our results are unmatched, and our team is dedicated to making sure all patients are comfortable, informed, and have their expectations exceeded.

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