Corporate Wellness Program

Corporate Wellness

Corporate wellness programs are more important than ever before. Companies who are introducing wellness programs are considered to be progressive minded and are leading the way in providing cutting edge healthcare for employees and executives. In the December 2010 issue of the Harvard Business Review, they define workplace wellness as an organized program that a company initiates for their employees to help reduce health risks, to enhance personal effectiveness, to improve quality of life and to benefit the organization’s bottom line.

  • Enhanced Mental Clarity
  • Increased Immune System Function
  • Increased Energy
  • Decrease in Absenteeism
  • Improve Hormonal Balance and Quality of Sleep
  • Allows for Optimal Health, Quality of Life and Productivity
  • Reduction of Pain
  • Reduced Cravings
  • Increased Cognitive Function
  • Promotes Integrity to Your Employees
  • Increases Loyalty to the Company

Each staff member will receive a Comprehensive Physical Exam with a personal consult with one of our Medial Providers which will include:

  • Comprehensive Blood Work
  • Vitamin, Mineral, Amino Acid, and Detoxification Testing
  • Body composition testing
  • Hearing Screening
  • Ophthalmological Exam
  • Premium Optional Add On’s:
    • IgG Food Sensitivity Testing
    • Brain Map
    • Heavy Metal Assessment

Once the results are received the staff member will receive a comprehensive report of results and recommendations.

Whole Family Healthcare’s goal is to partner with your company is to provide a cutting-edge Corporate Wellness Program that not only benefits the employee and staff but benefits your company’s bottom line. The goal of this partnership is to bring our facilities together to create healthier individuals in a way that can be tracked for the benefit of both parties involved.

The goal for onboarding an Executive Wellness Program and a Corporate Wellness Program goes far beyond the idea of being a progressive and forward-thinking company. Studies and surveys show that employees that participate in Wellness Programs are more likely to have less absenteeism and have more productive work days.

The programs are designed to not only address and correct current health concerns but also to prevent future health crises from occurring. By using preventative medicine, we are aiming to reduce your company’s health care costs across the board. Physician led educational tracks and nutritional treatment programs for Diabetes, Hypertension, Headaches, and other commonly treated conditions are available upon request based on the priorities from the utilization report.

Whole Family Healthcare has carefully considered which of our services will give your employees the greatest benefit while also providing your organization the greatest value.

These individually tailored programs are designed to help cultivate a healthy lifestyle while laying a strong foundation for a happier, healthier and more productive workplace.

In addition to the Comprehensive Physical Exam, your company has the opportunity to choose from one of three packages to offer their employees for incentive. Call today to learn more! 407-644-2990.

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