The Whole Family Healthcare Pharmacy

By: Steven D’Antonio

At Whole Family Healthcare, we are a group of integrative health practitioners with a focus on natural, holistic treatment in Orlando and central Florida for patients of all lifestyles, ages, and levels of health. From chiropractic medicine to neurofeedback, acupuncture, homeopathy, and more, our services cover an expansive range of treatments for any ailment. Our Orlando integrative medicine and holistic medicine refer to a combination of conventional and natural remedies, creating a more holistic, mind-body treatment for illness, solution for weight loss and management, stress and anxiety, and even pain associated with terminal illnesses like cancer. Our team treats each patient as an individual, with personalized treatment plans that utilize cutting-edge diagnostic in conjunction with ancient techniques that have been effective for centuries.

Because our philosophy of medicine recognizes the unique capabilities of the body to heal itself, we emphasize the healing power of nature known as Qi, or Vis Medicatrix Naturae. Our practitioners base treatment on this philosophy, in order to identify and remove any barriers that may be preventing recovery and healing. Through our in-office Whole Family Healthcare natural pharmacy, our practitioners and patients have access to an almost limitless stock of the highest quality herbs, vitamins, minerals, homeopathics, fish oils, protein powers, and supplements. We carry products for all ages, including children and older adults, and we can even cater to athletes. Our team of qualified, experienced physicians are extensively trained in nutrition and natural, holistic supplements, and can recommend the best supplements for any and all of your needs. Our natural supplements can even be used in conjunction with prescription medications, contributing to the philosophy of holistic medicine we strive to promote. Our supplements come from more than forty different companies both nationally and internationally, with the highest quality standards on the market. Any herbs we carry are tested for potency and safety, to ensure your best health. We never carry products with toxic fillers, chemicals, and pesticides, because we care not only about your safety, but the safety of the environment, too. The natural medicines in our Whole Family Healthcare pharmacy are super potent; don’t be surprised if you notice the positive effects almost immediately.

In the Whole Family Healthcare pharmacy, you can find high quality products including those for weight loss support, adrenal support, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, hormonal support, homeopathy, fiber, immune support, bone and joint support, probiotics, vitamins, skin care, metabolic support, essential fatty acids, detoxification, digestive support, and more. Our comprehensive pharmacy is something we’re extremely proud of, because it sets us apart from other healthcare providers, and allows us to align our practice with our six core principles: The first is to identify and treat the root cause. By doing this, our team can help you achieve lasting results without harmful side effects. Although we do strive to help patients manage symptoms and achieve relief from pain and distress, we know that digging deeper to the root of the issue is the only way to ensure that it will be completely resolved. The second is one of the most important core principles we follow, do no harm. This emphasizes treatment of ailments without side harmful side effects or the use of toxic chemicals that may cause more harm. This principle also includes emotional harm, so we even make sure to provide the most comfortable, friendly, warm environment possible for patients, without pressure or fear. The third core principle is prevention. Prevention is the best way to ensure good health for our patients, and is a collaborative effort between you and us. Prevention starts at home, but we can help with a focus on healthy diet, reduction of stress, optimization of nutrients and hormones, detoxification, and lab testing. The next core principle is education. As a principle tied closely with prevention, education allows us to help our patients remain well-versed on prevention and treatment of ailments, and management of their healthcare. Our team will ensure all patients are well educated, and can ask any questions they may have. The next core principle is to treat the whole person. The body has the inherent ability to heal itself, and does so by working together with the mind, spirit, and nature. By paying attention to each of these areas in treatment, we allow the body to carry out its natural healing process. Last but not least, by focusing on the foundations of health, we can bring balance to the whole person. We emphasize diet, stress, exercise, sleep, and hormonal balance.