Jeffrey Mueller, MD

Dr. Mueller is a medical doctor who has been in practice for 23 years and has a background in Internal Medicine. He is the Director of IV Services at Whole Family Healthcare. In 1998 Dr. Mueller was introduced to what was then referred to as complementary and alternative medicine. He quickly developed a passion for this holistic approach to healing the mind, body and spirit, with its emphasis on nutrition, diet, lifestyle, and safer, natural therapies. Over the next 17 years Dr. Mueller focused on advancing this very exciting, emerging area of health care now known as integrative medicine, which included participating in a number of research trials, some of which Dr. Mueller both designed and conducted at his own practice. With a creative and curious intellect, Dr. Mueller has since pushed the boundaries in many areas in the integrative field. These include a now well-recognized reputation and expertise in nutritionally-based, intravenous therapies for a wide range of medical conditions, with a special emphasis on heart disease and advancing and improving support and quality of life in all patients with cancer.

Dr. Mueller and Whole Family also lead the field in offering access to labs featuring the most advanced, early cancer detection technology in the world. With his constant emphasis on education and research, Dr. Mueller is currently in the process of completing the development of an academic program called a preceptorship with a curriculum designed to educate physicians about the most evidence-based, integrative approaches to improving quality of life in cancer patients. Some of the areas where Dr. Mueller and Whole Family have made the most dramatic impacts include helping to reverse weight loss or cancer cachexia, relieving cancer-related pain, reversing malnutrition, improving sleep, boosting the immune system, improving energy and favorably impacting many other critical problems faced by most patients with cancer. Dr. Mueller and Whole Family place a strong emphasis on collaboration with the patient’s oncology team, striving for the best quality of life and overall outcomes in every patient with cancer.

Dr. Mueller obtained his M.D. in 1989 from the Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, followed by completion of an Internship in Internal Medicine at ORMC (now ORHS) in Orlando, FL. He is a regular attendee at conferences sponsored by both A4M (The American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine) and ACAM, The American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM), two of the most highly respected, integrative educational institutions in the United States. He has received special training and certification through ACAM for the administration of Chelation Therapy, and was one of the sub-investigators who participated in the landmark study on chelation and heart disease known as the TACT trial, a 1700 patient study which showcased and finally proved to the world scientific community chelation’s dramatic ability to reduce the risk of heart disease, heart attack, and the need for more dangerous interventional procedures such as bypass surgery, stents and angioplasty. The greatest benefits showed up in diabetics who underwent chelation. Intravenously administered EDTA chelation therapy, combined with antioxidants, minerals and B-complex vitamins, is one of the featured and most popular therapies offered at Whole Family Healthcare along with IV therapies that can dramatically improve the quality of life and other parameters in patients with cancer.

Jeffrey Mueller, MD
Director of IV Services

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