Alexa Schmidt, MS, BCN

Alexa has always had a fascination with the synergistic relationship that the bodily systems must have to function at its best, which in turn is what lead her to pursue the world of natural medicine. Alexa has spent the majority of her life as a competitive and professional dancer performing in dance companies and teams across the country. As a dancer, Alexa learned early on how to appropriately care for the body and mind and has since made it her mission to help others acquire the same knowledge through mental fitness and nutrition.

Alexa is a Neurotherapist specializing in Brain Mapping and Neurofeedback. Her brain training programs are designed to help Students, Athletes and Executives reach their fullest and healthiest potential both mentally and physically. She first began her work with EEG while studying Psychology at the University of Central Florida. While attending UCF and completing her Masters Degree, Alexa began her research on driver distraction and the cognitive effects of cell phone use while driving. She then presented her findings to Florida’s legislature, lobbying to help pass a bill against texting and driving. It was then that she discovered her love for the brain and the incredible power behind it.

Alexa has a great deal of experience working with children and adults looking to improve their ADHD, anxiety, depression, sleep, focus and overall mental clarity. Alexa also specializes in Sports Performance Nutrition combined with Neurofeedback for athletes looking to improve their mental clarity, focus and competitive edge. She has worked with athletes from all over the sports world, both professional and college level, including athletes from the NFL, NBA, professional golfers and world class martial artists.

Alexa Schmidt, MS, BCN

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