Brainmapping & Neurofeedback

Brainmapping & Neurofeedback

Elevate Your Brain’s Peak Potential with Brainmapping & Neurofeedback

Whether you have a clinical diagnosis or just a desire to perform at your best, brainmapping & neurofeedback can help.

The first step is to get your brainmap done. This is a non-invasive test of the brain that shows strengths, areas of imbalance and overall efficiency.

The second step is to begin neurofeedback therapy. This is similar to a workout for the brain. This training helps balance and improve mental performance through visual and auditory sessions.

Brainmapping and Neurofeedback has a high success rate with the following conditions and symptoms:

  • ADHD & Learning Disabilities
  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Depression & Mood
  • Athletic & Peak Performance
  • Sleep & Mental Balance

How is Neurofeedback done?

Neurofeedback is done by connecting an EEG or Electroencephalogram amplifier to sensors on your head. EEG or Brainwaves are constantly fluctuating in and out of optimum ranges. When you are in the optimum range, we provide a feedback reward like a sound or a visual reward on a computer monitor. The sound may be coming from music that gets louder when you are in the right range but then gets softer when you move out of the optimal range. The visual reward is usually coming from a DVD on a monitor. As you move into the optimal range, the movie screen becomes brighter and easier to see but when you move out of the optimal range, the screen becomes darker and harder to see. Your brain knows how to keep the screen bright even though you may not feel like you are controlling the screen at all. Remember, EEG is the brain’s natural language and it knows exactly what to do with those brainwaves in order to keep the screen bright, and the sound up.

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What will I feel?

Most people don’t feel much the first few sessions because Neurofeedback is mostly a subconscious process. So as you learn to control the volume you may start to notice that when you do certain things, it keeps the screen bright or the volume up. This means that you are becoming more conscience of how to control your brainwaves.

Why doing a Brainmap is crucial?

One of the biggest obstacles in understanding the human brain is where to start. The human brain processes over 400 billion bits of information every second. This is an almost chaotic amount of data that the brain has to sort out in order to function correctly. So with all of this information being orchestrated with extreme precision, it is easy to see how if just a tiny bit is misinterpreted or misplaced, you could have a problem.

The Discovery Database system help us to understand what the brain is doing with all of this information and what processing problems may be present. This is accomplished by the Discovery’s ability to identify what parts of the brain are operating out of sorts. It is able to do this because we know precisely how much activity and at what levels each area of the brain should be. So knowing this information and then knowing what to do to correct the problem is exactly what the Discovery Database system does.

How Long Does A Brainmap Take?

Typically a map takes about an hour. This includes the preparation of the patient, the equipment, and the software. Then, the recording time is only about 15 min with a 6 minute eyes closed test, and a 6 minute eyes open test. Clean up and finally the uploading and recovery of the report takes up the last part of the hour.

April 11, 2017

Dear Alexa,

We want to express our gratitude for all that you have done to help our daughter overcome some major obstacles that she was facing. Over the course of the last 30 sessions, we have watched her change and grow in ways we could only have dre;1med of before we started with you. She no longer struggles with feelings of being overwhelmed, self-defeat, and detachment from others. Our daughter has blossomed into a positive, proud and affectionate little girl. Gone are the days of constant notes about her being unfocused, off task and overly social during school days. She is now being recognized and awarded for her new ability to put first things first by staying on task, using first time listening, completing her work and gaining better scores because of the new skills she has obtained. She is also better able to describe her thought processes, her feelings and her goals that she sets fo r herself. She now seeks out hugs, cuddles, and words of affirmation unlike ever before. Our daughter’s strengths have only been accentuated now that her struggles no longer hold her back from her true abilities. We are ever so grateful that we took the leap of faith in you and your program. It has made a world of difference for her and for our whole family. Our once high energy and seemingly scattered little girl has blossomed into a vibrant, happy, centered and all around successful kid. The bond she has created with you has been unique and a blessing as well. She is already sad about not seeing you every week. We can’t thank you enough for your commitment and diligence to creat in g the best path for our daughter’s growth and success. This was by far the best investment we could ever have made. We are forever grateful for the dedication and service you have provided our daughter and our family. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


The Scheiber Family

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