IV Therapy is Helpful for Patients Dealing with Cancer

Athletes are great candidates for IV nutritional therapy. When athletes train, they burn through specific nutrients much faster than the average person. These deficiencies can be tested, identified, and supplemented with IV nutritional therapy. When treated this way, athletes boast better concentration, energy and ability. However, this treatment can help anyone strengthen his or her immune system function. For improving immune function and replacing lost nutrients in patients with cancer, intravenous Glutathione combined with B-complexes, trace minerals, and vitamins, such as C and B-12, can help. Patients who have undergone this form of therapy report a much higher quality of life, and greater feelings of energy. Glutathione has powerful properties that protect organs and boost immune function. Glutathione can help patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation, and aids them in tolerating these harsh treatments. IV therapy complements conventional treatment, enhancing results, and amplifying positive aspects of treatment. Because cancer patients tend to be deficient in many essential nutrients, their bodily detoxification systems have a difficult time moderating the plethora of toxins and medications flooding their bodies. The lack of absorption efficacy through oral application, lowered ability of the intestines to absorb those nutrients, and genetic blocks to the metabolic system prevent patients from receiving the nutrients they need.

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