Chiropractors Can Heal Fibromyalgia? Yes, They Can!

By: Steven D’Antonio

A chiropractor in Orlando can realign your joints through adjustment and physical manipulation, giving you back optimum body function. Our chiropractic team uses natural healing approaches, because prescription drugs or other medical substances are generally only a quick fix; they do not fix the underlying problem. Once your joints are realigned, your nerves, organs and muscles can receive the signals they need to function at their optimum level. Spinal adjustment, or spinal manipulation, is the method by which chiropractors can maneuver tissues and create realignment. Although their techniques can move joints past their typical range of motion, they do not damage or dislocate them. Years of education, practice and experience allow chiropractors to provide this specialized care.

Although neck or back pain can be great reasons to visit the chiropractor, practitioners can help heal many more significant problems, such as headaches, fibromyalgia, insomnia and more. If going to the chiropractor is a new experience for you, we can help answer all the questions you’ve been curious about, and show you first-hand how the process works. We will get to know you, your history, your current conditions and your goals for the future. Just like any other visit to the doctor, we give you the opportunity to fill out some paperwork about your conditions, familiarize yourself with the doctor, verbalize your concerns and expectations, and have an x-ray and physical examination in order to allow the doctor to take a closer look. Together, you and the doctor can analyze the results and come up with a plan for positive change in your health.

By removing structural and postural imbalances, we can help your body heal itself. The network of nerves in your body can then send signals from your brain and through your spinal cord, flowing freely without interruptions. Have you been in a car accident? Do you play sports? Or have you experienced a fall? All of these circumstances and many more can result in misalignments in your joints. Chemical causes, such as smoking, drinking and even poor dietary choices can also cause misalignment through underlying conditions or diseases. A chiropractor will put you back on track, structurally and chemically. A subluxation, or misalignment of vertebra, can be caused by even the most minor physical traumas, such as a small bump. During subluxation, pressure is placed on the nerves and blood vessels, preventing normal functioning from occurring. As this continues, the spine and discs can start to degenerate. Degeneration of the spine and discs is difficult to treat as time goes on, due to adjustment of the surrounding muscles and bones. This will make it extremely challenging to reverse, preventing you from regaining perfect positioning. To maintain the optimum positioning of the spine outside of treatments, chiropractors encourage their patients to maintain good posture, with the chin up and the shoulders straight. Frequent stretching and a suitable chair, if sitting for long periods of time can also help. Bending at the knees instead of the back when lifting objects, warming up before strenuous activities and sleeping in supportive positions are also recommended.

If you’re tired of living with pain or discomfort, a chiropractor can help. Our chiropractic team at Whole Family Healthcare will identify and treat the cause of your problems at the root. We use natural systems of symptom management, with safe and effective methods to minimize side effects. By focusing on prevention and education, our practitioners can provide a roadmap for you, so that your overall health can improve. We encourage whole treatment of your body, mind and spirit, because we know that every part of you plays a role in your health. Each aspect of your life is connected, which is why we treat our patients holistically. Although there are misconceptions surrounding chiropractic practices, you shouldn’t let misinformation stop you from pursuing the help and pain relief that you need. If your joints are misaligned, important signals from your brain are being stopped before they are able to make it to organs, nerves, muscles, and more. With adjustments from an expert chiropractor, your optimum level of health can be restored. Chiropractics can be safely practiced on both children and adults, providing treatment for a range of medical conditions. Neck and back pain are just the tip of the iceberg; chiropractors can heal a wide variety of root causes of pain, ill health and overall or acute discomfort!

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