What Chelation IV Therapies Can Do for You or A Loved One

By: Steven D’Antonio

If you or a loved one has heart, cerebrovascular, or peripheral disease, chelation IV therapy can eliminate the need for risky procedures like open-heart surgery and amputation, or dangerous drugs. Chelation IV therapy is a safe, reliable, non-surgical method for slowing, preventing, and sometimes reversing blockages that occur in arteries. When used in conjunction with a change in lifestyle and diet, chelation is extremely effective.

In the medical context, chelation is a procedure that involves heavy metal detoxification led by an experienced, qualified physician. To put it simply, chelation is the process of removing lead, mercury, cadmium and even toxic accumulations of iron and copper from the body. Chelation can positively affect tissue, arteries and even organs. This practice can lead to enhanced vascular health and circulation to the brain and heart. It can even be effective for patients who have a hardened, plaque-ridden artery.

Over the last 35 years, treatment of vascular disease has been the primary clinical use of IV EDTA chelation. Since IV chelation can even improve circulation at a foundational level, it has been shown through research and clinical experience to benefit a wide range of diseases, including brain and kidney dysfunction, heart fatigue, macular degeneration, erectile dysfunction, arthritis, diabetic ulcers and more.

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