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Cancer Support

Cancer Support Program

Whole Family Healthcare (WFH) of Orlando (Winter Park), Florida is regarded as one of the most innovative providers of naturally and nutritionally based healthcare in the industry. Our mission is to inform, educate, empower, and enhance the spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing of as many patients as possible. Today, we showcase a long awaited upgrade of a very successful program addressing the critical support needs of patients with cancer of any type of stage.

Our overall goal and primary focus is always quality of life. However, our experience has shown that many of our patients who diligently follow our comprehensive support programs alongside of their standard therapies, often dramatically exceed expectations when compared to their peer groups of similar stage and tumor types. We also place a strong emphasis on preventive/wellness philosophies and strongly urge patients to see us before serious illness strikes so that they may be empowered to take further, foundational and life-affirming steps towards optimal health.


Comprehensive Early Detection & Prevention Program
Utilizing the Most Advanced Genetic and Epigenetic Screening Methodologies©
Jeffrey A Mueller, M.D., LLC

How to Best Describe Cancer and Who Does Cancer Affect?

Cancer is one of the planet’s leading causes of mortality, with up to 1.6 million new cases diagnosed annually in the U.S. In 2014 there were 585,000 cancer deaths. For most cancer patients their cancer is diagnosed too late when the size and degree of spread (metastasis) have progressed to a much more advanced degree, making treatment much more difficult and the risk of mortality much greater.

However, when cancer is diagnosed early, long term survival statistics are much higher. For instance, colon cancer diagnosed in its late stages may result in long term survival of only 12%. However, if caught at a much earlier stage or even in a precancerous state, long term survival soars to over 90%. The number of new cases worldwide is expected to increase by up to 70% over the next 20 years. (Organization, November 2014)

Cancer is the dys-regulated or unregulated growth or reproduction of cells and tissues in the body. Healthy cell division is a highly regulated process by the body, as a normal and necessary function of repair and replacement of old, dead and dying cells. Some cells, such as those that line the surfaces of the body or organs such as the gut or the lungs, (epithelial tissues), divide quite rapidly. Other cell types such as those from the nervous system and brain divide much more slowly, but nonetheless, all healthy cells obey genetic and molecular signals that strictly control this process…eo.

Dr. Mueller

dr mueller - cancer support, chelation therapyDr. Mueller is a medical doctor who has been in practice for 23 years and has a background in Internal Medicine. He is the Director of IV Services at Whole Family Healthcare. In 1998 Dr. Mueller was introduced to what was then referred to as complementary and alternative medicine. He quickly developed a passion for this holistic approach to healing the mind, body and spirit, with its emphasis on nutrition, diet, lifestyle, and safer, natural therapies. Over the next 17 years Dr. Mueller focused on advancing this very exciting, emerging area of health care now known as integrative medicine, which included participating in a number of research trials, some of which Dr. Mueller both designed and conducted at his own practice. With a creative and curious intellect, Dr. Mueller has since pushed the boundaries in many areas in the integrative field. These include a now well-recognized reputation and expertise in nutritionally-based, intravenous therapies for a wide range of medical conditions, with a special emphasis on heart disease and advancing and improving support and quality of life in all patients with cancer.

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Get Details About Our Cancer Support Program

The core of our customized QOL program consists of comprehensive dietary and lifestyle modifications, intensive, evidence-based IV and oral nutrient restoration therapies, surprising medications with evidence supporting their unique, anti-metastatic (anti-spread) properties, supplements, herbs and antioxidants. Published, peer reviewed literature has shown the ability of these therapies and strategies to boost the native immune system, and inhibit and kill cancer cells in laboratory, animal and human studies. We further make ample use of additional supportive therapies for pain, immuneboosting, sleep, energy, and QOL such as acupuncture, massage, and chiropractic.

However, we make no specific claims about cancer treatment or the results of our programs. We are emphatic about the fact that we do not specifically treat cancer, but address and try to restore and rebalance the sick and disturbed underlying terrain (entirety of biological, hormonal, nutritional, environmental and emotional circumstances) which allowed the initiation, growth and spread of cancer in the first place. Our Whole Patient Cancer Support Program has proven to be effective, powerful, restorative and life-enhancing.

Natural and nutritionally-based IV Therapies:

The heart of our pain and quality of life program is found in our infusion suite where we offer some of the most innovative and cutting edge infusions in the country. The program consists of a variety of safe, powerful, and evidence-based intravenous therapies administered 2-3 times weekly to assist in the relief of pain and inflammation. Some of our formulations contain DMSO, one of the most potent anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving therapies in the world. DMSO is unique in its pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties, possessing none of the dangerous side effects of steroids, narcotic drugs or traditional anti-inflammatories. Our premier IV therapy specifically designed for assisting in the relief of cancer pain is a proprietary combination of Curcumin and DMSO in an emulsified form that can be given intravenously. Some patients have reported virtually complete relief of metastatic bone pain from the spread of cancer within 1-2 weeks of starting our intensive pain therapy program. Customized Oral supplementation Program: includes supplements such as enzymes, homeopathic remedies used throughout the world for their effectiveness and safety, and herbs such as curcumin with powerful anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects.

Acupuncture and TCM: We are highly regarded in our field as being one of the top practitioners for treating cancer pain using acupuncture and a variety of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) techniques.

Trigger Point Injections: Using powerful homeopathics, areas of pain can be directly injected with safe and natural remedies such as Traumeel and Zeel without concern for allergic, toxic or other traditional medication side effects.

Diet, nutrition and lifestyle optimization: We strongly emphasize and educate patients about how to transition to a plant-based diet which lowers blood sugar and has been proven highly effective in helping to relieve pain and inflammation of any etiology, and to support the body and immune system to more effectively fight cancer.

Preventive Strategies: With the support and approval of your oncologist, specific supplements, antioxidants and intravenous therapies such as glutathione may be given prior to, during, or after chemotherapy. Research shows that glutathione may help mitigate or prevent the intensity and severity of the neuropathic pain induced as a side effect of several of the most potent chemotherapies such as cisplatin.

Chiropractic and massage Therapies: We are fortunate to have on premises an excellent massage therapist and one of the best Chiropractors in the Orlando area, Dr. Jay Seltzer. The therapies they offer focus on restoring proper alignment of the spine and other joints, and stretching, strengthening and balancing muscles tendons and ligaments. They can go a long way in assisting in relieving pain and optimizing neuromuscular function.


One of the most common problems facing patients with cancer includes the inability to obtain a quality night’s sleep on a consistent basis. These patients tend to have either poor overall sleep architecture (frequent awakenings and difficulty falling back to sleep and/or fall far short of the amount of sleep necessary for proper physiologic restoration, healing and optimal immune function.

Obviously pain is often a major contributor (see part I. above) but there are several additional areas that our programs address in order to restore a proper sleep balance. Our clinic focuses on natural sleep herbs and supplements, intravenous and oral micro and macronutrient repletion therapies (especially magnesium and B-6), acupuncture, and other therapies and modalities, including dietary, lifestyle and standard sleep hygiene protocols.

Assisting with the restoration of quality sleep in patients facing serious illness often has many major benefits, starting with a greatly improved quality of life, more energy to face the day, ability to better tolerate and complete chemotherapy and radiation therapy regimens, along with the real possibility of improved outcomes.


Our clinic utilizes a variety of proprietary, intravenous and oral nutrient restoration formulas which have been shown to improve appetite, boost energy and stimulate metabolism. Our focus on plant-strong and plant-based diets also can dramatically assist in this regard. Many of our protocols include potent, natural remedies with anti-inflammatory properties. Since fatigue is often exacerbated by the massive inflammation associated with cancer and its treatment, we have found that many of our patients experience significant relief of fatigue via relief of pain and improved metabolism.

Bowel Dysfunction, Toxicity, Liver Overload

Constipation, diarrhea, pain, cramping, and bloating are extremely prevalent symptoms in patients undergoing chemotherapy, and often exacerbated by the commonly prescribed narcotic medications needed for pain control in these patients.

These conditions can seriously affect quality of life, appetite, nutrient absorption and exacerbate cancer cachexia. By utilizing enzymes, probiotics, nutrient-dense plant based diets, gentle detoxification strategies, including proprietary bowel and liver cleanses, coffee enemas, and liver support, most of our patients experiencing bowel-related disorders have seen improvement in their symptoms and quality of life.

Weight loss and malnutrition generally go hand in hand. For the cancer patient facing serious illness and rigorous conventional treatments such as chemo and radiation, treating malnutrition and the ability to avoid or reverse cancer cachexia are paramount to more successful outcomes.

Our clinic employs many natural evidence-based strategies, starting with nutrient-dense, plant based diets and powdered medical foods, specific bowel friendly probiotics, enzymes to assist with digestion and other nutrients shown to help stimulate healing of the gut lining. The addition of specific omega 3 fatty acids has been shown to not only help reverse weight loss, but provide an anti-inflammatory effect and calorie dense, healthy fats which assist with weight gain in those who are underweight.

Immune Deficiency, Recurrent Infection, Post-operative Healing

A basic foundation of our quality of life cancer support program is to help preserve and protect the native immune system. It is now well accepted that chemo-resistant cancer stem cells can lie dormant for months or years. Re-building and strengthening the immune system during and after conventional cancer therapies may be a key factor in improving long-term survival in many cancer patients.

There are published studies in the peer-reviewed literature that support a decreased risk of cancer relapse with the use of these types of supportive, nutritionally-based therapies and lifestyle modifications (such as moderate intensity exercise) which we have incorporated into our support protocols.

Derived from evidence-based studies, proprietary oral and IV nutritional formulations along with acupuncture are utilized in our practice to support the patient and their immune systems throughout this challenging time. Based on our clinical experience over the past 14 years, we have seen significantly improved post-operative healing times in those requiring surgery, decreased risk of peri and post-operative infections, reduced risk of infections in patients with low white blood counts, and an improvement in general well-being and QOL

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