The Different Forms of Bio-identical Testosterone Supplements for Men

Are you a man experiencing low sex drive, decreased muscle mass, fatigue, erectile dysfunction, hair loss, depression, difficulty concentrating, irritability, or low sense of well-being? You may have low testosterone levels. If you are showing the symptoms of low testosterone, and test results indicate that this is the case, a doctor may suggest treatment options. For the millions of men across the world who have low testosterone levels without any symptoms, there is no recommended treatment. Bio-identical testosterone supplements come in multiple forms, and can be determined by the doctor in collaboration with the patient based on personal preference, medical history, current health, lifestyle, and more. Forms include transdermal, gels, mouth patches, injections, and implants. The transdermal skin patch, known as Androderm, is worn on the arm or upper body and is applied once per day. Gels, such as Testim and Androgel, are packets, while Axiron and Fortesta come in pump form. The gels are absorbed through the skin when applied once daily. Natesto is a gel that is applied into the nose. The mouth patch, Striant, is stuck to the upper gums twice daily. It is a continuous release tablet, with testosterone absorbing into the blood from the oral tissue. Injections and implants are inserted into muscle or soft tissue, and are slowly absorbed through to the bloodstream. Oral testosterone is also available, but has been known to cause damage to the liver. With the other methods, the testosterone can bypass the liver and absorb directly into the bloodstream. The term bio-identical indicates that the molecular structure of the testosterone is identical to that of naturally occurring testosterone in the body. Because of this, it is recognized by the body’s tissues, and won’t have adverse side effects.

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